Our carrier can be used for newborns WITHOUT the need of an extra infant insert.

1) Hold the carrier upside down with the warning label facing away from you. Bring the webbing around your back, thread through the safety elastic and secure the buckle. Make sure you hear the click when fastening. Tighten the waist belt by pulling on the adjustable strap.

2) When the carrier is on, the warning label should be facing away from you. This is important. Position the carrier higher on your waist for the newborn carry.

3) Bring the carrier up and place one arm through a strap. Carefully hold your baby on your chest with the opposite arm.

4) Carefully slide your baby down into the carrier. Keep one hand on your baby at all times and support baby’s back and neck. Make sure he/she is seated in an ergonomic frog leg position.

5) Keep one arm on baby and place your opposite arm through the other shoulder piece.

6) Keep one arm on baby and reach back to collect the chest strap buckles with one hand. Once you have a hand on the buckles it is now safe to use the other hand to help buckle the strap behind your back. Adjust the straps to achieve a comfortable and secure fit.

7) Pull up on the front of the carrier to help lower baby into position.

8) The top portion of the front panel can be folded down to provide more view for the baby. Perform a safety check and enjoy wearing your baby!

To remove your newborn, keep one hand on your baby and loosen straps. Lift your baby up and out. Newborns will need additional head support.


+ The waist belt can be worn high or low depending on preference and personal comfort.

+ Buckle the carrier higher on your waist to have the baby sit higher in the carrier.

+ After tightening the webbing to achieve a comfortable fit, fold up any excess webbing and secure it with the elastic at the ends.

+ For comfort, try to avoid over-tightening.

+ Make sure your baby is centered in the carrier.

+ Reach your hands into the sides of the carrier to adjust your baby’s legs and feet into position if needed. All the baby’s weight should be on bum and not on feet.

+ Use the included sun hood for additional sun shade.

+ Easily lower your baby into position for nursing by pulling up on the tension lock under your arm to release the webbing. Keep one arm on baby as you do this. When your baby is done nursing, pull the webbing down and forward to tighten. This will raise the baby back up.

+ If you’re having trouble achieving a comfortable fit or have any questions, we’re happy to arrange a free consultation with our certified babywearing educator.