1) Fasten the carrier according to step one of the front & newborn carries. Move the carrier to your hip. Pick up your baby and position him on your hip centered over the carrier.
 2) While supporting your baby with one hand, bring the carrier up with the opposite hand and wrap it around your baby. Bend forward slightly and rotate the carrier around to your back.
 3) Reach your left arm behind you and through the shoulder strap. Pull the strap up and onto your shoulder.
 4) Carefully move your right arm over your baby and continue to adjust the carrier so that the carrier is centered on your back.
 5) Hold the right shoulder piece with your left hand and place your right arm through the shoulder strap.
 6) Give a gentle bounce to be sure baby is settled in the bottom of the carrier.
 7) Buckle the chest strap clip and then tighten or adjust all of the straps to achieve a comfortable and secure fit.
 8) Adjust baby so that he is centered in the carrier. Perform a safety check and enjoy wearing your baby!


+ The waist belt can be worn high or low depending on preference and personal comfort.

+ Buckle the carrier higher on your waist to have the baby sit higher in the carrier.

+ After tightening the webbing to achieve a comfortable fit, fold up any excess webbing and secure it with the elastic at the ends.

+ For comfort, try to avoid over-tightening.

+ Use the included sun hood for additional sun shade.

+ The top portion of the front panel can be folded down to provide more view for the baby.

+ If you’re having trouble achieving a comfortable fit or have any questions, we’re happy to arrange a free consultation with our certified babywearing educator.