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Babywearing Halloween Costume Idea: Wilson from Castaway

Next up in our costume series: Wilson from Cast Away!Please tell me you remember this movie. It’s a classic! If you’re going to be stranded on a deserted island, who wouldn’t want to be stuck with this cutie? I was dying laughing taking these pics! So funny! Here’s what you need for this costume: a […]

Babywearing Halloween Costume Idea: Hotdog

This hotdog costume is a super simple one you can whip up in just a few minutes. Using a sheet of yellow felt from the craft store, cut out a squiggly line resembling mustard. Spray the back of the squiggle with the adhesive spray and attach it to the wrap once your baby is in […]

Babywearing Halloween Costume Idea: Ballerina

Hold me closer tiny dancer… How sweet is this little costume?! You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make! We purchased tulle and ribbon from the craft store that matched our Blossom Baby Wrap almost perfectly. We originally bought 7 yards of tulle with the intent to make mommy a ballerina tutu as well. […]

Babywearing Halloween Costume Idea: Bee & Flower

It’s that time of year again! HAPPY BABY HALLOWEEN!! Woohoo! Our post series from last year was overwhelmingly popular, so we’re back again to give you more easy DIY costume ideas to give you a little inspiration for this year’s holiday. Over the next week we’ll be sharing a few more simple costumes for you and […]

Babywearing Halloween Costume Idea: Circus Ringleader & Baby Lion

Welcome one and all to the greatest show on earth: BABYWEARING!! How fun is this costume?! This has to be one of our absolute favorites from our babywearing costume series this year. How sweet is this tiny little lion? (#allthehearteyes) We used the same bonnet concept as the bunny and chick costumes and glued three […]

Babywearing Halloween Costume Idea: Magician and Bunny

And now for our next trick… a Magician & Bunny! Have a fussy baby? Wrap her up…   Say the magic words…   and PRESTO! One happy, sleeping baby!     Just. Like. Magic.   For Kiana’s costume, she wore a simple white button up paired with black leggings. The cape, wand, and bowtie we […]

Babywearing Halloween Costume Idea: Mouse & Cheese

Want to dress up for Halloween, but don’t have much time or energy to put into it? Here’s an easy costume idea: Mouse & Cheese! For this costume we used a cheese hat paired with a mouse ears and tail costume we ordered online (from here). Then we wrapped Roman up in one of our slate grey […]

Babywearing Costume Idea: Goldilocks & Baby Bear

Next up in our Happy Baby Halloween series is Goldilocks & Baby Bear! We came up with this costume idea after coming across these adorable baby beanies from Kait and Kids (@hellokait). They are super soft and so sweet! She offers brown, cream, white and grey options and has talked about releasing a black option, […]

A Birth Story: Cedar Faith

We’re starting a new birth story series on our blog to celebrate the new beginnings of motherhood. If you would like to share your special story with us, please email hello@happybabycarriers.com with the subject line Birth Story.  This is the birth story of Cedar Faith shared by her mother Emily. Welcome to our family, Cedar Faith! […]

HUGE Giveaway with Tori Spelling!

We’re beyond thrilled to be selected as a must-have item by Tori Spelling and CupcakeMAG! Tori is hosting her BIGGEST giveaway ever on her website this week. Win a Happy Baby Wrap in your color choice along with over $7000 worth of additional prizes from some of the hippest brands around! Hurry on over and […]



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