Babywearing Halloween Costume Idea: Wilson from Castaway

Next up in our costume series: Wilson from Cast Away!Please tell me you remember this movie. It’s a classic!

If you’re going to be stranded on a deserted island, who wouldn’t want to be stuck with this cutie?

I was dying laughing taking these pics! So funny!

Here’s what you need for this costume:

  • a shaggy beard and wig (we bought ours from Amazon for $9)
  • a sheet of burgundy felt (.99 cents from Hobby Lobby)
  • a sheet of white felt (.35 cents from Hobby Lobby)
  • temporary fabric adhesive
  • some ornamental grass (we just cut ours from our yard)
  • a FedEx box from the FedEx Store (free!)
  • our grid wrap

To make this costume, cut out a hand shape minus the thumb and add three extra fingers. Then cut out white shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth and use a sharpie to dot the nose. Spray the Wilson face with the temporary adhesive and attach to the wrap once the baby is in position. Tuck the grass between the front panel and the should / X piece so that it doesn’t irritate the baby at all.

The beard we bought was a little long and hung down over our baby’s face so I trimmed it to a length that wouldn’t touch her and teased it to make it scruffier. I loved how everything turned out!

Hope this gives you a little costume inspiration! If you try any of our ideas or even one of your own in our wraps or carriers, please use the tag #happybabyhalloween so we can see it! We’ll be awarding one lucky costume a $50 shop credit, so get creative!



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