Babywearing Halloween Costume Idea: Skunk

It’s time once again for HAPPY BABY HALLOWEEN!!

At Happy Baby, Halloween is our jam! Each year we do a series of easy DIY costume ideas to give you a little inspiration for the holiday. Babywearing makes everything easier, so why not incorporate your baby into your Halloween costume and give yourself a little hands-free convenience? Plus, if your baby has older siblings, they’ll think your the coolest parent ever with you joining in the costume fun!

Over the next week we’ll be sharing a few more simple costumes for you and baby.

First up: a baby skunk!

Agh! What’s that smell?!

Diaper changes can make you feel like this super simple costume is all too appropriate! 😉

No need for mom or dad to dress up with this idea; the focus is all on your little stinker here!

Here’s what you’ll need to put this super easy skunk costume together in no time flat:

  • a black baby wrap or carrier
  • a black baby beanie
  • white faux fur
  • scissors
  • temporary spray adhesive (the kind we use is safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly)

If you’re looking for an quick last minute costume, this one’s for you! You wouldn’t believe how easy this costume was to put together. We simply cut a strip of white faux fur and used temporary spray adhesive to secure it to a black wrap. Be sure to tie the wrap in the front so the fur can run all the way down to make a skunk tail. We then cut a shorter strip of faux fur and attached it to a black baby beanie. Easy peasy!

When you’re ready to take the costume apart, gently pull the fur strip off and launder the wrap as usual according to our instructions.

Have a Happy Baby Halloween!

If you try any of our ideas, use our hashtag #happybabyhalloween and be entered to win a $50 shop credit. Winner will be announced on Instagram on November 2nd.



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